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Everything you need to integrate gaming into your Customer Experience

Engage customers with games and rewards personalized to specific customers. Our system is uniquely designed in various structures and forms to make integration and implementation seamless, very interactive, and impossibly fast.

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Create engaging game-based marketing campaigns

With gamification, it is business as unusual. Usual marketing practices often fail to leave your audience engaged. Creating an immersive and rewarding platform for your customers will spark up and retain positive brand sentiments.

Use game concepts that meet all your marketing needs

We have a rigorous testing and quality assurance process that ensures that all our games are superb; they are customer-friendly, safe, fun, interactive, timely, and timeless. There is something on Kodobe for everyone; no business or customer is left behind.

Key Features

We built this unique platform to suit all your business needs; from CMS to real-time dashboard analytics, visual editing, branded design templates and layouts, customized campaign templates, user management tools, and pre-built games, Kodobe has got it all!

The Game Types

Let’s keep it 100, games are fun! From start to finish, all our games are designed to keep your customers hooked on your business. We are 100% certain that games make the world a more interactive place.

Lucky Games

How strong is your luck mojo? Luck games are not influenced by the player’s skill, they are solely dependent on luck.

Knowledge Games

Carefully designed to test the player’s mental capacity. So, have fun and learn at the same time!

Skill Games

Come engage and get rewarded! Put your skills to the test and see if you can beat the highest score.